Empowering partners to feed their communities

At the end of a guest’s stay, they typically have some extra, unopened food laying around. PROJECT: feed is making sure that food never goes to waste again.

It’s as simple as this: Property managers leave bags in their homes. Guests place any unused food inside. At the end of a guest’s stay, they work with their operations teams to collect those bags. Then, they either have those bags picked up or deliver them to their local food bank.

Looking for a simple way for your business to give back to your community? Follow these three steps to get started!

Get involved

PROJECT: feed makes it easy for property managers to make a big impact on their communities with just a few quick and easy steps. Here’s how to get started:


Set up your bags

  • First things first, you'll need to set up bags in each of your homes. We've seen partners work with local grocery stores to get brown paper bags or order reusable tote bags online.
  • Once you have your bags, print out this explainer card to display next to the bags in your homes to get guests excited about getting involved!
  • DIY bags
    • Source your own blank bags. We’ve seen partners work with local grocery stores or order them online.
    • Print out these explainer cards to display with the bags in your properties.


Equip Your Guests

Give your guests the tools they need to participate! We’ve seen partners have success with:

  • Setting out the bags and explainer cards in the kitchens of their homes.
  • Mentioning PROJECT: feed at check-in.
  • Including PROJET: feed instructions in their post-departure email (which can be automatically sent to your guests the day before departure in your LiveRez CRM, btw).


Pick Up & Record Donations

You’ll want to work out a system for getting the filled bags to the food bank. We’d recommend coordinating with your operations team to have them pick up the bags and bring them to a central point (probably your office).

Then, check with your local food bank. Many will come pick up food donations! Otherwise, take a team outing once a month to drop off the bags. Maybe even volunteer a little while you’re there! It’s a great way to get your whole team involved.

We want to know! How many bags are you donating? We’re tracking how many bags of food are donated by LiveRez partners this year! Let us know how many your team donates each month using our online form.