To celebrate its 10 incredible years, LiveRez is committing to 10 Epic Acts of good.

Team LiveRez filling 5,000 bags of oatmeal. Happy Day Brands was born and raised in Boise, ID - just like LiveRez! So, we’re sending our LiveRez team out to their production line to fill 5,000 bags of oatmeal! For every bag sold, Happy Day Brands donates a breakfast to the Idaho Food Bank.

Equipping kids in Ethiopia with shoes + funding for a new production facility. On behalf of each person attending Partner Conference this year, LiveRez CEO Tracy Lotz is donating one pair of Shoes That Grow to kids in Ethiopia. These aren’t just any ordinary shoes. They GROW! Up to five sizes. Pretty incredible. Plus, LiveRez is helping to fund a new production facility for the shoes in Haiti. We’re honored to support an Idaho-based charity doing such incredible work!

Supporting kids through mentorship and educational funding. Compassion International has a heart for kids. And, we’re joining them in their mission to help lift children out of poverty through mentorship and funds for education and other important services. LiveRez will sponsor kids in the program, and our team members and their families will continue to support them through letters of support and mentorship. In 2019, we’ll go visit these kids on a LiveRez mission trip.

Donating to partners’ local food banks. At the end of a guest’s stay, they typically have some extra, unopened food laying around. Now, through Project: Feed, partners can offer guests an opportunity to donate that food to their local food bank! LiveRez is providing all conference attendees with special Project: Feed bags that can be placed in your homes to collect that unused food, and they’ll help you get those bags to a worthy cause near you!


Making a big impact with just $100. The Star Throwers cause is close to the hearts of people in the vacation rental space. For this Epic Act, five vacation rental managers were challenged with the question: What would you do with $100? And, you’re going to be blown away by what they came up with.

Helping low-income families to break into the workforce. This Epic Act is extra special, as we’re partnering with VacationRentPayment to support a cause they’re passionate about! Through their giving arm, YapCares, they support low-income families who are looking to break into the workforce. LiveRez will be coming alongside them to put on a mentoring project to teach these families essential skills like dressing for an interview, creating a resume, working with a team, and lots more.

10 Incredible Years Deserves 10 Epic Acts

In 2008, LiveRez launched its cloud-based platform for vacation rental management. Over the next 10 years, we grew to become the most-used and fastest-growing software in the industry, thanks to our incredible network of property manager partners!

Working hand-in-hand with our partner network, we’ve taken on the toughest challenges in the industry. And, after 10 years, it’s time to go bigger.

Rather than throwing a big party to celebrate an incredible 10 years, LiveRez is committing to 10 Epic Acts of good over the next year. Click around the website to learn more about the organizations that we’re partnering with. These amazing causes are close to the hearts of our partners and friends in the industry, and we couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity to help support their missions around the world.